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35th Supply and Services Battalion Distinstive Unit Insignia35th SUPPLY AND SERVICES BATTALION

Constituted 8 March 1944 in the Army of the United States as the 216th Quartermaster Battalion.

Activated 15 March 1944 at Fort Devens, Massachusetts.

Inactivated 25 January 1949 in Korea.

Redesignated March 1951 as Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, 35th Quartermaster Battalion and allotted to the Regular Army.

Activated 1 June 1959 in Germany.

Reorganized and redesignated 25 September 1961 as the 35th Quartermaster Battalion (organic elements concurrently organized from new and existing units.)

Reorganized and redesignated 2 August 1965 as the 35th Supply and Services Battalion.

Inactivated 21 December 1972 in Germany.

Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, 35th Supply and Services Battalion activated 15 October 1987 in Japan.


World War II


MOTTO: Means to Sustain

35th Supply and Services Battalion Distinstive Unit InsigniaDISTINCTIVE  UNIT INSIGNIA
(Unit Crest) 

The insignia is the shield and motto of the coat of arms. The sample of the distinctive insignia was originally approved on 12 October 1964 for wear by the 35th Quartermaster Battalion.

(Displayed on Battalion Flag)

SHIELD: Or, on a pale gules a double-warded key of the field, on a chief azure three bezants each bearing a flame of the second.

CREST: None.

SYMBOLISM: Gold (used for buff) and blue are the Quartermaster colors. The three gold roundels represent the three main groups of islands in the Ryukyus Archipelago. The wavy line represents the sea and the flames refer to combat. The roundels and flames symbolize the Battalion's World War II service in the Ryukyus. Roundels also represent wheels and refer to the unit's mobility. The red pale simulates a column and stands for support. The key with the two wards indicates that the battalion provides both general supply service and direct support to combat units.

MOTTO: Means to Sustain.

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