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543rd Support Group Distinctive Unit InsigniaConstituted in the Army of the United States as Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, 543d Quartermaster Group and activated at Bromborough, Lancastershire, England, 29 July 1944.

Inactivated 30 November 1946 at Munich, Germany.

Redesignated Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 543d Quartermaster Group and allotted to the Regular Army, 10 January 1942.

Activated 23 January 1952 at Fort Lee, Virginia.

Reorganized and redesignated 5 October 1953 as Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, 543d Quartermaster Group.

Inactivated 20 July 1966 in Vietnam.

Redesignated as Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 543d Support Group and activated at Bremerhaven, Germany, 16 January 1985.


World War II
Northern France
Central Europe

Counteroffensive, Phase II


Meritorious Unit Commendation, Streamer embroidered EUROPEAN THEATER (HHD 543d QM Gp cited for period 5 Sept 1944-1 Jun 1945; GO 300, Hq 9th Army, dtd 24 Jun 1945)

543rd Support Group Distinctive Unit InsigniaDISTINCTIVE INSIGNIA

On a dark blue trefoil a buff light house bearing a diagonal red stripe below a white light emitting four white rays; in chief a gold star and in base a quill and key, both gold, in saltire.

The colors red and buff are used by Support units. Blue is for water, suggesting the seaport role of Bremerhaven. The trefoil denotes the unit's support mission of logistics, administration and provisions. The lighthouse and rays allude to the unit as the guiding light of the area and to its location in a port city. The rock base denotes the strong support provided and the red stripe refers to the unit's distinguishing flag. The north star signifies the group's location in Northern Germany and that others look to it for guidance. The quill denotes administration and the key, a symbol of logistics, is adapted from the "Bremer Key" which is associated with the Hanseatic cities of Bremen, Hamburg, and Lubeck, all located in Northern Germany.

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