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A resource page for material on the B-24 Bomber Lady Be Good.  This aircraft was discovered in the Libyan Desert 16 years after it lost its way back from a World War II mission to bomb Naples, Italy on 4 April 1943.


Birdsal, Stevel,  Log of The Liberators, An Illustrated History of the B-24 Contains several pages of photos of LBG

Breuer, William B., Unexplained Mysteries of World War II John Wiley& Sons, Inc., NY, 1997. pp 160-162.  Contains a small section on LBG, erroneously states that the crewmembers were never found.

Jackson, Robert. Unexplained Mysteries of World War II. NY: Gallery, 1991. pp. 6-11. D743.9J32

Martinez, Mario. Lady's Men; The Saga of Lady Be Good and her Crew. Naval Institute Press, Annapolis Maryland, 1995, 208 p. Updated story of LGB with extensive interviews of the oil men who located and first visited the aircraft.

McClendon, Dennis E. The Lady Be Good: Mystery Bomber of WWII. NY: Day, 1962. 192 p. D790M34.  First book on the LBG, reissued by Aero Publishers, Fallbruck, CA with a new epilogue in 1982.

Walker, James W. The Liberanos: WWII History of the 376th Bomb Group. Waco, TX: 376th Vets Assoc, 1994. 613 p. D790.14-376thB-W27. Chapter 8, "Lady Be Good: The Desert Ghost" pp. 219-281 gives an extensively researched account of the last mission, discovery and crew recovery of the LBG. 


Ali Mohamed, Dr. Fadel, "The Return of the Lady Be Good"  After the Battle (No 89), pp. 28-31  Author describes removal of the LBG from the desert in August 1994 by the Libyan government for safekeeping in Tobruk.

Billet, A.B., "Natural Environmental Effects On Material After Long Exposure." Test Engineering, p. 20-27, February 1967  Article contains short citation on testing of items removed from the Lady Be Good.

Hanna, William. "The Ordeal of the Lady Be Good." American History Illustrated 16 (Nov 1981): pp. 8-15. Per.  Very readable short account of the LBG story.

Holder, William G. "Epitaph To The Lady--30 Years After" Air University Review, p. 42-50. Widely reprinted in other magazines under a number of different titles, such as "The Mysterious Curse of the Lady Be Good" in B-24 Liberator Magazine.  Includes a small section on "jinx" incidents involving the LBG.

Life Magazine, March 7, 1960 (Vol 48, No. 9) "17-Year Mystery of the 'Lady Be Good', Desert Gives Up Its Secret"  First major article on the discovery of the LBG and crew.

"The Lady Be Good." After the Battle (No 25, 1979): pp. 26-49. Per.

Wright, Donald C., "Last Flight of the Lady be Good"  The Retired Officer Magazine, September 1977, pp. 22-26

Newspaper Articles

Burnes, Robert, "WWII Mystery Still Stirs Curiosity," Kansas City Star, May
30, 2001  Story on Kansas City native, 2nd Lt. D.P. Hays, the much criticized navigator of Lady Be Good.

Gordon, Robert, "Lady Be Good Items on Display at Ft. Lee", Richmond Times-Dispatch June 28, 1960

Grossman, Lt. Don, "Last Chapter of "Lady Be Good" Story Displayed Here at the QM Museum",
The (Fort) Lee Traveller, Petersburg, Va, July 1, 1960

Unpublished Documents

Report of Investigation,  U.S. Army Quartermaster Mortuary System, Europe, Case:  B-24 bomber lost 4/5 April 1943 and the 1959 Libyan Desert search for the nine missing crewmembers.  17 November 1959, Captain Myron C. Fuller, Jr. and Wesley A. Neep.

Report of Investigation, U.S. Army Quartermaster Mortuary System, Europe,   Case:  Final search for four unrecovered airmen of B-24 Bomber "Lady Be Good" lost April 1943 in the Libyan Desert. 20 June 1960, Captain Myron C. Fuller, Jr. and Wesley A. Neep.


"Lady Be Good", Armstrong Circle Theater, CBS, date unknown (1959 or 60)

"King Nine Will Not Return" Twilight Zone episode, , Writer; Rod Serling, Second Season 1960-1961. After crashing in the desert, a bomber pilot (Cummings) is haunted by the images of his dead crew.  (Fictional, not specifically about "Lady Be Good")

Ghost Plane of the Desert, "Lady Be Good", The History Channel, Premiered February 7, 2000.


We do not know of any feature films relating to the "Lady Be Good" story.

The Sole Survivor,  TV Movie, 1969; 1 hour, 40 min.,William Shatner as Lieutenant Colonel Josef Gronke, Richard Basehart as Brigadier General Russell Hamner, Loosely based on "Lady-Be-Good". Filmed using a wrecked B-25J on El Mirage Dry Lake in California. 

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