US Army Quartermaster Foundation
Fort Lee, Virginia

Mortuary Affairs Photos - WWII

gravephoto.gif (149240 bytes)
World War II Identification, Undated U.S. Army Photo

gravephoto1.gif (116758 bytes)
Munda Cemetery #1, New Georgia, September 1943, U.S. Army Photo

gravephoto2.gif (128581 bytes)
Personal Effects being checked at a collection point in the European Theater, Undated U.S. Army Photo

gravephoto5.gif (117809 bytes)
Army Chaplain Francis L. Sampson of Sioux Falls, S.D., gives absolution to American paratroopers killed in action, in Saint Marie Dumont, France, U.S. Army Photo, 7 June 1944 (Note that bodies are wrapped in parachutes)

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