US Army Quartermaster Foundation
Fort Lee, Virginia

Officer Rank and Branch Insignia
lithographic plates extracted from:
The Uniform of the Army of the United States
October 1, 1908
by the authority of the Secretary of War
Under the Supervision of
Brigadier General J.B. Aleshire
Quartermaster General, U.S.A.

General Officer Rank Officer Branch Colors/Buttons
Colonel Rank Service Coat Insignia/Officer Rank Insignia
Lieutenant Colonel Rank Branch Insignia for Dress or White Coats-1
Major/Captain Rank Branch Insignia for Dress or White Coats-2
Captain/Lieutenant Rank Branch Insignia for Dress or White Coats-3
Lieutenant Rank Branch Insignia for Service Coats-1
Branch Insignia for Service Coats-2

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